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About "EXYOSE"
EXYOSE, which is also used as our company name, is a coined word consisting of the first two letters of each word. We named it because we wanted to express the sense of design people to the world.
This is a web app that allows you to express your sense to the world easily and for free. We created EXYOSE DESIGN based on the concept of expressing your sense through your works and helping you get work opportunities based on your sense. EXYOSE DESIGN plans to translate it into languages around the world so that people around the world can view it without stress. You can post an unlimited number of works, and you can use an unlimited number of images to express each work. We also plan to share the profits with you so that you can use it to create your next work or create a work in a different category.
You can also use EXYOSE DESIGN as a work collection/portfolio as you can use a dedicated page that only shows your works.
About Category
The categories handled by EXYOSE DESIGN are architecture, fashion, picture, illust, photograph, craft, and graphic. The standard for works published in each category is:
architecture …
buildings, exteriors, interiors, spaces, and other architectural matters
fashion …
clothing, hair and make-up, nails, and other fashion-related matters
picture …
paintings and other real pictures
illust …
characters, comics, and other non-realistic pictures
photograph …
photographic works
craft …
miscellaneous goods, accessories, and other handmade items
graphic …
DTP design, WEB design, and other two-dimensional works
You do not necessarily have to choose as shown above; you can decide on your own categories.
About Publication
You need to create an account to post your work. You can create an account using only name (account name), email address, and password. After creating an account, you can edit your icon and account description as necessary.Create an AccountPosted works will be displayed in card format along with the account name, thumbnail, and title on the top page and the selected category. When posting your work, you can choose the font color and background color of the card to match the work. The card also displays a numerical value for each reaction.
About Reactions
The reaction is the name that summarizes the number of views, likes, goods, and comments. Each content is:
views (glasses icon) …
number of people who accessed detail page, and this is not to need an account.
likes (heart icon) …
number of times data is stored on a server for later review by the account holder, and this is to need an account.
goods (star icon) …
number of times that data is not stored on the server but can only be acted upon once within a specific period, and this is not to need an account.
comments (speech bubble icon) …
number of comments posted on the work, and this is to need an account.
You can also disable comments when posting or editing.